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Effective communications of any type rely on a connection between at least two humans

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Our philosophy

B2B target audiences are typically split into factual categories like position, company, job and seniority. All useful stuff. But it’s easy to forget that effective communications of any type rely on a connection between at least two humans. This focus on human interaction underpins everything we do through our relevant+engaging=effective philosophy. You can read more about how we make ourselves useful to brands here.

No pigeonholes

Treating your target audience as real people with thoughts, emotions and motivations means we can help to make your marketing activity more effective.

More targeted awareness, more leads and higher customer retention.

We don’t pigeonhole the technology or channels we use either – taking an agnostic approach rooted in creativity and insight to select what’s best for the job in hand. Digital, direct mail, ads, social, PR, sandwich boards et al.*

*We’ve never actually used carrier pigeons, but we wouldn’t rule it out.


Mark Lesniak and Alex Swann (our founders) met in 1978, but it took them a while to start the agency.

When they did in 2002, the first office was an old tyre garage in Stoke, with wireless phones that, they discovered, even stayed within range from across the road in the pub.

As a young ad agency with clients across many sectors, we focused on the audience and the message, creating work that pushed benefits and drove results, no matter what the industry.

Mark and Alex

Our effectiveness

For every project that came in, our first step was to understand and define the challenge, to discover the insights we needed to engage the audience and motivate them to do something. This is still our approach today. We invest time to define the challenge and discover the human insights because we know it’s the best way to drive returns. By 2005 we were winning effectiveness awards for our digital work. In 2006, we were the first agency in Europe to buy space on the Facebook wall (despite one of our founders refusing to believe that posting photos of yourself on the internet would ever take off).

Our clients

Most of our clients work for business-to-business organisations.

They value analytical and creative thinking and recognise that an agency is a partner that adds value, not a production supplier that represents a cost saving. They want a long-term relationship, rather than chopping and changing to constantly drive down costs.

Many have been with us over a decade. Some for close to 20 years. The list includes major global names like Saint Gobain and Michelin from as far away as Florida and Australia, alongside some smaller companies from just up the road.

Whoever they are, we ensure no client accounts for more than 15% of our turnover, helping to preserve our integrity and protect our independence.

The only two rules we insist on are that we enjoy working with them and they value what we do.

Our Team

Our team is roughly split into thirds between account/project managers, creatives and programmers. We extend our human philosophy to our team: We do our very best to help them enjoy the work they do. Enjoyment leads to engagement and commitment, which combine to produce effectiveness. By prioritising our teams’ quality of life, we ensure they maintain their passion for the work, continually improving their skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

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In doing this, we focus on three broad areas:

  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Training and development
  • Real life and rewards

Read more about working culture.


Our Work