A marketing agency that cuts through the complexity

If you need a marketing agency to help you navigate complex routes to market, stay front-of-mind during long sales processes, or market to buyers with diverse priorities, the last thing you need is more complications.

By combining strategy, creativity and dependability, we cut through the complexity to deliver engaging marketing communications.

Welcome to Lesniak Swann. Making the complex, easy.

What we do

We’re a digital and marketing agency – whether you want to get closer to your customers, increase awareness of your brand or grow sales (or perhaps all of these), we can help.

We ask why

We ask “why?” to understand your purpose. We believe it’s our job to understand you and your motivations. We’ll ask why you want something; not because we’re contrary, but because when we understand your objectives, we’re better placed to help you achieve them.

How we do it

Our starting point is always the same, develop a clear understanding of our clients and their audiences. What is relevant to them? Where are they, who are they, and what do they currently think and do? What is their problem? What is the message we want to get across, and how can we deliver it in a way that’s good for them and for you? Ultimately, what is it that will make our clients feel unique or valuable to their audiences?


  • Research & Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Customer Journey & User Experience
  • Digital Change
  • Branding


  • Concept Development & Advertising
  • Digital Design
  • Print Design
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation


  • Websites - Rebuild & New
  • eCommerce
  • App Development
  • Software Integration & Functionality
  • Digital Tools for Business Efficiency


Our Work

B2B Product Launch B2B Product Launch

B2B Product Launch

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Web design for B2B Web design for B2B

B2B Web Design and Build

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pURL Campaign pURL Campaign

Re-engagement to increase booked open days

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Search, Social and Display Advertising Search, Social and Display Advertising

PPC and Facebook ads drive 1,038 leads.

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WEX Europe Services – 'Never Lose Your Bearings!' WEX Europe Services – 'Never Lose Your Bearings!'

WINNER! at 'B2B Brave Awards' - best use of personalisation.

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Michelin Michelin

A global digital platform for licensees.

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