Thought leadership events and workshops.

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The world of B2B marketing is constantly evolving; in order to quench our thirst for knowledge we regularly host thought leadership events and workshops to ensure we consistently give our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.


Open to Lesniak Swann clients, the events provide an insight into the latest thinking and trends in marketing strategy, campaign planning, implementation and analysis. The courses vary with some aimed at senior marketing leaders, and others specifically tailored for those working in marketing executive or middle management roles.

Led by thought provoking and trailblazing industry leaders, the events provide an opportunity for attendees to gain new skills and insights that will enable them to grow and develop their professional capabilities and help to advance their careers.


WEBINAR – How to develop B2B Personas

Date:    14th September 2023

Time:    2pm – 3pm

Venue:  Online

We’re running a webinar on how to develop and get the most out of personas in B2B marketing.

Building a better understanding of your audience and their rational and emotional purchase drivers is a smart thing to do. The problem is, as David Ogilvy (allegedly) once said: “The trouble with market research is that people don’t think what they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.” Which is a right pain the arse, frankly.

In this webinar, we’ll look at how you can create B2B personas that cut the fluff and work effectively for your campaigns, sharing our expertise and insights on the importance of identifying key decision-makers, understanding pain points, and tailoring your messaging to different buyer types.


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