Thought leadership events and workshops.

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The world of B2B marketing is constantly evolving; in order to quench our thirst for knowledge we regularly host thought leadership events and workshops to ensure we consistently give our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.


Open to Lesniak Swann clients, the events provide an insight into the latest thinking and trends in marketing strategy, campaign planning, implementation and analysis. The courses vary with some aimed at senior marketing leaders, and others specifically tailored for those working in marketing executive or middle management roles.

Led by thought provoking and trailblazing industry leaders, the events provide an opportunity for attendees to gain new skills and insights that will enable them to grow and develop their professional capabilities and help to advance their careers.


WEBINAR – How excess share of voice helps cut the fluff in PR reporting.

Date:    17th January 2024

Time:    11am – 11.30am

Venue:  Online

This webinar explores how reporting on excess share of voice (ESOV) can help to give a more meaningful commercial understanding on PR performance.

Reporting on PR can feel like an exercise in wrestling clouds and herding cats. Whilst it’s pretty easy to understand what’s been done as far as outputs are concerned, it can be much harder to get a clear idea on what that’s got to do with the pesky business of creating commercial impact.

Excess share of voice (ESOV) can play an important role here, not only in defining how you’re doing against the competition but also proving how your activity is contributing to business growth. Our webinar explains what ESOV is, the marketing science behind why its regarded as an effective metric for commercial growth and how it can be harnesses for PR activity.


WEBINAR – Customer journey planning for
construction and engineering markets

Date:    22nd February 2024

Time:    11am – 11.30am

Venue:  Online

Our next webinar is on the topic of customer journey planning when marketing to construction or engineering businesses.

This can be a deceptively complex task. For most of their time, audiences aren’t actively looking to buy and even when a purchase is needed, that’s not always a quick process with any number of different procurement stages and influencers involved.

This webinar looks at how to find practical solutions to this – covering the key considerations across different audience groups in a way that can be easily translated into marketing activity, and isn’t overcomplicated.


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