How to get spec’d and stay there.

Communicating effectively with specifiers – those who play a key influence at the design stage of construction and engineering projects – can reap dividends for your brand. Engaging with them effectively means you’re part of the conversation as plans are finalised, advising on the value you can bring and helping to hold spec right through to project delivery.

This is something we specialise in – helping brands that want to sell products and services into the construction and engineering sectors to understand how they can most effectively market themselves to influential specifiers.

We understand that this audience want different things to those who are focused on the installation or use of what you sell. They will often be seeking information around regulatory compliance, sustainability credentials such as embodied carbon levels or how to improve performance more than cost or ease of use.

This means that marketing must be tailored to these requirements if they are to work effectively. Read more about how we’ve helped our clients in communicating to specifiers:

A very metal creative campaign


Nuaire – driving more specifications for a new product range.

Nuaire was launching a new offering outside of the product range it was known for – meaning a creative marketing approach was needed to raise awareness and generate enquiries. So we needed to find an attention-grabbing idea that also carefully balanced effectiveness with the technical subject matter.

Spreading the word on fire protection spec


FSi – more effective specifier communications.

With a move into the cavity fire barrier market came a need for FSi to understand the role of specifiers and how they could effectively market to them. A research-led approach meant they were able to ensure their Leave No Gaps campaign hit the mark with specifiers as well as contractors, including understanding exactly where in the RIBA Plan of Work communications should target.

Smarter RMI designs


Polypipe Building Services – helping to get public sector refurb projects completed efficiently.

Polypipe’s water drainage systems offer a quicker and more effective way to replace ageing pipes in public buildings, such as blocks of flats. Our campaign used a blend of PR, white paper content and targeted digital ads to drive enquiries with those specifying these projects.

Lower carbon specification


Reynaers Aluminium – supporting clear communications on Part L changes.

Upcoming changes to the Building Regulations Part L meant more energy efficient buildings, but different product requirements. We delivered a range of PR, creative and events activity to clarify what the regulations meant in practice for Reynaers’ specifiers and customers.

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