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Personalised lead generation

Winner at the International Drum B2B Brave Awards 2017, this integrated campaign was strategically designed to create new relationships and nurture future opportunities for fuel card provider WEX Europe Services.

Understanding the challenge

WEX Europe Services (WES) is the European provider of the Esso Card™ fuel card. In 2016, BP sites across the UK began to accept the Esso Card™ – boosting its network coverage to 40 per cent of the UK.

WES was determined to communicate the new benefits of Esso Card™ to its prospects and build a significant pipeline for its field sales team.

Engaging the audience

As one of the leading fuel card providers in Europe, WES sought to communicate with the leading figures in the road haulage industry.

Our ‘Never Lose Your Bearings!’ campaign was aimed at companies running the 100 largest fleets across the UK, and was a finalist in the International Drum B2B Brave Awards 2017 for Best Use of Personalization.

Creating the concept

WES had two aims:

1. Build new relationships with prospects and key account managers

2. Gain information about businesses with the potential to use Esso Card™ in the future.

Using an integrated approach that was personalised at each stage, our plan was simple. We wanted to provide prospects with something to keep – reflecting their high-value potential to WES – and introduce them to the benefits of the Esso Card™ network.

The ‘Never Lose Your Bearings!’ campaign brought together both objectives under a single coherent banner.

Choosing the right channels

The campaign used direct mail, bespoke personalised landing pages (pURL), and telesales. Each stage was designed to help prospects find a better fuel card for their needs and carefully crafted to develop a ‘personal’ relationship.

Phase 1

To start the campaign, each prospect was sent a personalised email. This built curiosity and anticipation by revealing that “something special” was in the post.

A few days later, each prospect received a box containing a map of the UK (illustrating the nationwide reach of WES) and a high-quality compass. Each compass was engraved with the Esso Card™, the prospect’s company name, and the details of a “specially assigned contact at WEX Europe Services”.

Each prospect was shown how the Esso Card™ network had grown and urged to visit a personalised URL included in the package.

Phase 2

When the prospect landed on their personalised landing page, they were greeted with a message that referenced their new compass: “Now that you’ve found your bearings, let’s boost your network.”

The landing page involved completing a short form. To add to the sense of personalisation, most of this had been pre-filled before the prospect arrived. All they had to do was click ‘Boost My Network’ and wait for a call from WES.

Phase 3

Within a few days of completing their personalised landing page, each prospect received a call from WES. This further strengthened the ‘personal’ relationship nurtured through the letter and landing page.

Results that matter

Account managers at WES have been able to forge strong connections and gain valuable insights on the specific circumstances faced by each of their prospects.

To capitalise on this, WES is now tailoring a nurturing programme for those prospects currently under contract with other providers. It also continues to build on its new-found relationships with key industry figures.


Working alongside Lesniak Swann, some great ideas where produced on how we could include personalisation to boost the prospect’s experience – such as pre-filled forms, and personalised greetings and content. These were built into several touchpoints with the prospect, building familiarity with our brand before each prospect received a call from our Business Development Manager.

“We’ve got an increased knowledge about these prospects, which is helping us to build our pipeline and take the next steps in a lead-nurturing campaign. We’d recommend Lesniak Swann to any business wanting to run multi-touchpoint pipeline campaigns.”

Kerry Thorley | Marketing Campaign Manager | WEX Europe Services

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