Marketing strategy that
means business

Good strategic thinking is the foundation of any effective marketing campaign. We provide just that for a range of major B2B organisations, developing a framework that can be used as an unfair competitive advantage in their markets.

We help brands to define commercial opportunities, understand varied, complex audiences in more detail and create strategies for how marketing can have maximum impact. That might be to support a product launch, enter a new category or navigate major business changes such as rebrands, new brands or acquisitions.

Research and insights

To fully understand both the rational and emotional drivers of your audience, it’s important to make sure you have a first-hand view of how they tick.

B2B market research isn’t always a case of conducting large-scale surveys. A targeted, qualitative approach can often give us the information needed to ensure strategic decisions are based on firm ground.

Speaking directly to audiences as a third party can help to unearth useful learnings about the perception of your business, customer behaviour and how influencers such as specifiers and consultants affect purchase decisions.

Personas and customer journeys

Good research is all well and good – but this needs to be translated into effective strategic assets such as personas and customer journeys if it’s to be useful in guiding marketing decisions.

There will be a whole gamut of quantifiable information on who, how, and what to target to best generate leads, which needs to be balanced with an understanding how they tick on an instinctive, irrational level.

This should be accompanied by a clearly defined picture of the different stages in a typical buying journey – identifying how and where marketing should seek to influence your audience.

Positioning and messaging

Selling technical products or dealing with complex markets often means you’ve got a range of different customers and purchase influencers to deal with. This can make achieving consistent communications a pain.

The trick here is to maintain your core brand values and proposition, but adapting it to make sure the likes of specifiers and installers receive communications that are relevant to them.

Smart use of messaging – such as a message matrix – can act as a centre of gravity for this; guiding marketing activity to make sure you balance top level messages with how this can be translated into what it’s got to do with the price of chips for different audience groups.

Entering the commercial construction sector

JELD-WEN – driving sales in an entirely new market

We developed a turnkey strategy, positioning and creative package to support JELD-WEN’s push into the commercial sector. This required us to clearly map out the needs of purchasers, specifiers and installers to identify how JELD-WEN could stand out in a fragmented and competitive doorset market.

Bringing together two industry giants

Mammoet – consistent post-acquisition comms

As it planned to acquire competitor ALE, heavy lift specialist Mammoet needed to ensure that the expanded company reflected the heritage of both companies. Working with their internal marketing team, we helped to clearly establish how this could be done to maintain consistent, effective communications.

A clearer view of the window market

Reynaers – creating a structure for marketing success

With multiple markets and a similarly diverse audience, we helped the UK marketing team at Reynaers Aluminium to develop the structure they needed to balance these needs without diluting marketing impact. Using existing corporate assets we produced a suite of personas, customer journeys and MQL metrics, providing a toolkit for them to use.

An electrifying product launch

Norgren IMI – introducing a wider electric motion range

Industrial automation experts Norgren were introducing an expanded range of electric motion products and needed to ensure the launch created maximum impact in a crowded market. We conducted primary customer research to develop messaging and positioning, which then formed the basis of a creative campaign to drive awareness and enquiries.

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