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Strategy, creative, PR

Fire protection specialist FSi recently diversified into the façade cavity barrier sector – but despite a strong reputation elsewhere in the building industry, its brand awareness here was low and the market populated by bigger, established competitors. We were tasked with developing a creative marketing campaign that focussed on FSi’s key strengths to help generate more enquiries for its cavity barrier products.

Positioning FSi as the industry expert

Our planning discussions with FSi highlighted some opportunities. Although specialist façade cavity barriers are a critical product in keeping buildings safe from fire, they can easily be overlooked. Furthermore, those responsible for purchasing and installing the barriers are typically not fire specialists but instead building envelope contractors – showing that there was a need in the market for expert support in selecting and fitting products that will maximise fire protection.

Analysis of other players showed that they were not typically fire protection specialists, but instead had pivoted from supplying other façade products. Combined with the need to expert support, this meant there was clear territory for FSi to credibly position themselves as the experts.

Credible, engaging creative

FSi no gaps ad cover

This formed the basis of our creative concept, focussed on Leave No Gaps; informing the audience not only that the product is totally reliable during a fire outbreak but also implying that FSi leave no gaps in any other part of their business – including expert customer support and product quality.

The concept of Leave No Gaps took the idea of close-knit contact in the form of two people hugging to display there’s no gaps between them, which provides a link back to the fundamental job of cavity barriers. Whilst not being insensitive this addition of the human element in a humorous way catches the attention. The people in the advert are FSi employees which further builds on the implied message that you can trust FSi as the experts.

Multi-channel activation

FSi no gaps Linkedin 1
FSi no gaps Linkedin 2
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We then developed an integrated campaign across paid, earned and owned media, targeted at where our audience of cladding contractors are typically found.

  • Print and digital ad executions to ensure suitable targeted paid reach. This included a LinkedIn campaign focused on key accounts FSi would like to win.
  • White paper thought leadership content – demonstrating that FSi are taking responsibility to help reassure and build trust among the audience.
  • PR campaign to further amplify key messages around FSi’s expertise.
FSi golden rules infographic

Results: Over £1 million in quality leads and 7 industry award nominations.

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