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Not all hybrids are a good idea.


Ventilation market leader Nuaire was launching its new hybrid technology to a customer base of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) consultants. Existing perceptions that Nuaire was “anti hybrid” meant that a credible yet disruptive awareness and lead generation campaign was needed to change minds and meet sales targets.

We developed a multi-channel campaign with an award-winning central creative theme consistent across all activity. This helped Nuaire to deliver one of its most successful ever product launches.

The strategy

While Nuaire is renowned for its mechanical heat recovery units, it had deliberately stayed out of the natural/hybrid ventilation market. Hybrid units are hard to control and test as their performance is dependent on the weather. The performance of mechanical units is guaranteed, which is why Nuaire has always preferred this option.

Since the introduction of a new Building Regulation in August 2018 (BB101), which favoured the specification of hybrid systems in schools, it was clear that its strategy of staying out of the hybrid market would not be commercially viable in the long term.

The messaging

Having been ‘anti-hybrid’ in the past, Nuaire recognised it would need to adopt a clever, fairly aggressive approach to refine its position and break into the increasingly lucrative hybrid market dominated by powerful competitors.

The campaign’s primary message was simple and effective: Not all hybrids are the same… but with the XBOXER Hybrid you get the best of both worlds. This new hybrid solution from the market leader in mechanical ventilation is better than the products currently available, thanks to their deeper technical expertise and exhaustive R&D.

Alongside this launch message, we wanted to create doubt about the competitors’ credentials. They don’t have the same level of technical and mechanical expertise as Nuaire.

Campaign objectives

During the campaign, Nuaire was aiming to both disrupt the already-established market and highlight the problems typically associated with existing hybrid ventilation solutions. The implication being that Nuaire is transferring its widely recognised expertise in mechanical systems into hybrid systems, eliminating the problems commonly encountered with existing hybrid systems. We wanted the audience to question their existing providers by undermining their technical credentials – giving us the relevance of the messaging.  

Relevant and engaging

As well as relevant, the campaign also needed to be engaging. By treating the target audience as a real person with thoughts, emotions and motivations, and then applying with intelligence, creativity and dependability, we made the communications engaging too, resulting in an effective campaign.

The main creative centres on eye-catching hybrid animals. The first three months of the campaign featured three hybrids: a praying mantis-hyena, a tiger-canary, and a polar bear-duck. Further hybrid animals are planned.



Initial results

  • 988 landing page visits were recorded between 27 March 2019 and 31 May 2019. Our creative was clearly having an impact: each time a new animal was posted, visitors to the landing page spiked.
  • In the first five months, a number of projects had been quoted at a total value of £7.4 million against a spend of just over £50,000 – based on average conversion rates, the sales target is on track to be exceeded.
  • 25 landing page visits were registered on the day of our direct mail campaign.
  • Our launch email to 1,266 consultants generated an open rate of 23% – 5.3% higher than the industry average of 17.7% (construction).

Creating hybrid animals was an inspired concept from the Lesniak Swann team. It instantly captured attention with bold, compelling images in what is otherwise a dry, technical market – and it certainly worked! The Nuaire XBOXER Hybrid unit has already started generating significant new leads, quotes and orders.

Dee Sarikaya | Strategic Marketing Manager | Nuaire

Quote target exceeded within first 12 weeks

Multiple award wins.

Multiple award wins.Multiple award wins.

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