As a leading B2B marketing agency we understand the power of doing what’s right and have fundamentally shifted how we work to prioritise operating in a wholly purpose-driven way, while aspiring to do no harm and benefit all.

Being a B Corp signifies our commitment to the planet, our people and being part of the drive to create a better future – demonstrating that we care about the wider world and the part we all play in it.


It’s about doing the right thing – and that is something we have always aimed for here at Lesniak Swann, both for our clients and our employees.

We adhere to the highest standards and comply with the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) CAP, as well as being led by industry initiatives such as the CCPI. We also ask our staff what they think of us in an annual review.


We know that it’s important to be committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own operations. This includes having carbon neutral status, so our clients don’t need to make the choice between performance and the environment.

We were the first B2B marketing agency in the UK to be certified PAS 2060 carbon neutral and have built on this to demonstrate a commitment to operating in a purpose-driven away that benefits all.

Find out more in our Impact Report.

Our people

Happy people do great work – and we have always been committed to creating a workplace that supports this.

Again, don’t take our word for it – we have been voted one of the Best Places to Work 2024 by Campaign Magazine, with the agency ranking seventh across all UK agencies and in the top five for boutique agencies.

Stakeholder engagement

We hold reviews with all of our clients every year to receive feedback on our work and to fully understand their objectives and priorities, including their ESG goals. 

In addition to this, we carry out annual NPS scoring to benchmark how well we meet our clients’ expectations and to guide us in providing the best possible customer experience.


We’re proudly based in Stoke-on-Trent with our office located in a regenerated pottery factory. This is the heart of the growing Createch cluster of businesses seeking to help more talented local people into creative careers.

We aim to support our local community through staff volunteering and pro bono work, while we offer a day in return for time spent fundraising.

Each year the company chooses an annual charity to donate cash to across the year.

Our Work & Expertise