Development of app to calculate savings

Key Result

Effective sales tool

Calculating energy savings... fast.


Nuaire is the UK market leader in energy-efficient domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions. They combine innovative products with world class performance in quality and service.

To demonstrate the energy efficiency of one of their products, we created an application to calculate the savings when using the Cheetah control system.

The task

We created a web based application for Nuaire reps to use when with clients to work out projected energy savings when using the Cheetah control system on their kitchen supply and extract fans.

The app asks for a series of inputs from the user such as number of operating hours per day and fuel costs.

Once all fields are complete the projected energy savings are shown and can be emailed in the form of a PDF to the client.

Quick calculations and reporting

We met the client’s objectives by providing an application that not only works out the energy savings as intended, but also creates a report to show the number of requests from the individual reps. 

Lesniak Swann met the brief and provided an effective service, giving us an efficient tool for our sales team to promote the energy savings of our kitchen and extract fans using the Cheetah control system.

One of the biggest advantages was that consultants could cut and paste the detail straight into their specifications making it hard for competitors to challenge the data.

Caroline Radcliffe | Commercial Product Manager | Nuaire

calculating energy savings
in an instant.