Lesniak Swann first B2B agency to achieve PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification

Specialist B2B marketing agency, Lesniak Swann is among the first agencies in the country – and the first in its sector – to be awarded certification to PAS 2060, the only internationally recognised standard for carbon neutrality.

Working with clients such as Michelin, Polypipe and Finning UK & Ireland, the accreditation complements the award-winning work produced by the agency, meaning clients can be confident they are working with a partner who is taking the challenge of climate change seriously.

Founder of Lesniak Swann, Alex Swann comments:

“Climate change is the most critical and consequential issue facing our planet. The UK government has committed to reaching net zero by 2050, and we all have a part to play in getting there. By taking the right and responsible actions now, we will lessen the effects.

“The main benefit to our clients is offering a competitive edge with a greener service that few agencies are accredited with; in the B2B space we believe we’re the first to have achieved PAS 2060.

“As one of the top B2B marketing agencies it is important for us to demonstrate our commitment to being carbon neutral so that our clients don’t need to make the choice between performance and the environment.

“Many businesses are now starting to opt for partners who act sustainably and future-orientated – this means they are assured of that when working with us.”


What is PAS 2060?

PAS 2060 is a specification that enables businesses to demonstrate credible carbon neutrality claims, increasing customer confidence.

It presents four key stages to carbon neutrality. The first stage is measurement to identify the direct and indirect emissions. Secondly, the reduction stage which involves a plan to reduce over a set timescale. The total carbon emissions will then need to be offset in order to become carbon neutral. There are various schemes that can be used to prove offsetting and these translate into carbon units to result in the carbon footprint being in equilibrium with the carbon sink hence achieving neutrality. Finally, the documentation stage declares the carbon neutrality and the transparency is required to be disclosed publicly with all supporting documents.


What are we doing for carbon neutrality?

As part of our adherence, the standard requires the business to measure contributions to carbon footprint, and pledge reductions – not just offsetting.

Some of the actions we have taken to reduce our contributions as a company include:

  • Using local suppliers
  • Work from Home scheme
  • Green tariff on energy bills
  • Car shares
  • Recycling

By doing these things and being conscious of our footprint, we can offset our contribution by buying carbon units and plan how we will reduce it each year including turning the thermostat down by 1℃ and allocating a specific day where everyone works from home so the office doesn’t need to be in use when few staff members are in.

Lesniak Swann has now been accredited with PAS 2060 and has made a commitment to the carbon neutral statement with the aim of reducing emissions each year.

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