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Pan-European website, 10 different languages

Pan-European website, 10 different languages

The challenge

WEX Europe Services (WES), one of Europe’s largest providers of fuel cards and provider of the Esso Card fuel card, required the Esso Card website to be updated to create a highly optimised, pan-European site which improved user experience and provided bespoke content in 10 languages across eight countries.

A new corporate site for WES was also required as their existing website had been built on a platform which could no longer be updated.

Safeguarding investment in SEO

Without careful management, the implementation of a new website can have a significant negative impact on an organisation’s hard-earned SEO. Therefore, having already achieved considerable SEO for its existing Esso Card website, through organic and paid-for searches, WES understandably wanted to protect its high levels of visibility in search engine rankings.

Enhancing the user experience

Working in association with WES’s specialist search marketing agency, we set about developing a site that would significantly enhance user experience (UX) and equip WES with complete, straightforward control of its new websites’ content from just one place for both sites. A solution that would be both simple and straightforward for WES’s internal teams to use and manage on a day-to-day basis.

Workshops to establish content

The project commenced with a series of workshops to establish the content that would be required for the new websites. This also provided an opportunity to gauge the importance of including information about the history and global stature of WES, to provide high levels of reassurance for users. Throughout the build stages, extensive UX testing was carried out to ensure the new WEX Europe Services website would fulfil all of WES’s objectives, along with meeting the lead generation need from both the main Esso Card site and the WES site.

Wireframing the site

Once the required content had been decided, the site was wireframed to show how this would be laid out on the page and how the user would be taken through their journey throughout the sites.

Lead generation was a key requirement to both sites and call to actions were placed throughout the pages to encourage the user to apply for an Esso Card wherever they were on the site.

As WES offered other services, there was the opportunity to link back to the corporate site via the thank you page if a user had made an application on This reinforced the link between WES and Esso Card.

Applying the design

The design for both sites followed similar templates to provide a link between them, whilst adhering to Exxon’s strict guidelines for the Esso Card site.

Key features and benefits were pulled out on the homepage which changed depending what sector the user had selected such as small business or large fleet.

The design was simple and effective, allowing the information to be easily consumed, along with subtle animations as the page was viewed.

Faster page loading and greater security

Built on the user-friendly WordPress Content Management System (CMS), the completed websites use a ‘Bedrock’ framework for faster page loading and greater security. Enhanced functionality – including the ability to create specific campaign landing pages and effective direct mail for the tailored cross selling of products – is achieved through use of a PURL (Personalised URL) system.

Integration with CRMs and sales management software

To further ensure relevant, productive communications with prospects and customers, personalised URL campaigns can be integrated into the highly proven Pardot marketing automation tool from Salesforce. Strict attention is also paid to data privacy to adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A tailored site and communications

The purls functionality is accessed from a personalised URL printed on a direct mail piece or programmed into an emailer. The purl pulls through the relevant fields from the data linked to the site, such as prospect/customer’s name or company details, on to the campaign landing page to create tailored communications.

The team at Lesniak Swann have become an extension of our in-house marketing department.

Andrew Weston | Digital Marketing Manager | WEX Europe Services

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