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Thea Pharmaceuticals is a company committed to supporting ophthalmic professionals specialising in dry eye, lid hygiene and eye nutrition and offer more than 35 products in eight therapy areas including allergy, anti-inflammatory, infection, glaucoma, and surgery.

We have worked on a variety of collateral from trade adverts, web banners, sales aids and commercial campaigns.

From initial designs, concepts through to final print and production.

Thealoz-Duo Winter POS Campaign

POS Campaign to highlight how to look after your eyes throughout winter, this needed to work for both Optometry and Pharmacy for locations and be consumer facing. We focused on simple imagery and made the product the primary focus. We also produced the print which consisted of a variety of poster sizes and DL patient leaflet and a practice briefing.

Nutrof Total Icon Design

Icons to highlight the key components that make up the Nutrof Total Eye Nutritionals. These included:

  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Vitamins + Minerals
  • Lutein + Zeaxanthin
  • Resveratrol
  • Vitamin D

These icons were kept simple in order to easily communicate to the consumer what they were. As some of the ingredients don’t directly indicate what they are for example Resveratrol is a compound that can be found in grape skin and aids healing.

Press Advertisements

We work to produce a variety of press advertisements to advertise predominately Thealoz Duo and Blephaclean in a variety of publications such as Optometry Today, Acuity Magazine and wholesaler catalogues.

Logo Design

We produced a logo for 150 Years heritage in Ophthalmology pulling components from the Thea Pharmaceuticals logo keeping the design simple and easy to apply across print and web.

Training Materials

A training workbook for training external customers in Eye Health. This needed to be kept simple, clean and in line with brand guidelines and allow key facts to stand out clearly. Allowing space for notes.

Web Banners

A range of web banners to showcase Thea Pharmaceuticals with the clear call to actions and highlighting their key selling point of ‘Preservative Free’.

Sales Aids

We create a variety of sales aids for Thea Pharmaceuticals. They are predominately used in Pharmacies and Opticians to assist the staff in selling the product, these were produced in an A4 tri-fold format and showcased the key selling points. This could be used as a reminder for staff or a tool to sit down and discuss with customers and patients.

Surgical A5 Leaflet

Private hospitals have issues with cancellations from patients with conditions such as Blepharitis and patients returning post-surgery with Dry Eye symptoms which could be improved by them using the full Thea range. By creating a leaflet which showcases the patient journey, Thea Pharmaceuticals was able to expand their offering and sell more across the product range. The A5 leaflet showcases the benefits of the product range, acting as a process guide for the hospitals and assisting them in providing patients with advice. Product photography shots were also provided by us.

Leave Behind Card

Thea Pharmaceuticals invest in the development of novel formulations and delivery systems to provide efficacious products that are designed to meet the needs of their patients. Preservative Free is in their DNA. This leave behind card was required by the internal sales team to act as a reminder for the benefits of Preservative Free.

Wholesale Flyer

This flyer is a functioning order form used for fax orders placed within one of Thea Pharmaceuticals wholesalers catalogues. The main selling point used to promote the products was ‘Buy 10 Get 1 Free ‘.

Pharmacy show Collateral 2018

Every year Thea Pharmaceuticals attend the Pharmacy show where we create a set of graphics to go on their exhibition stand. For 2018 they included:

  • Large Wall Light Box
  • Pod Drum Vinyl’s x3
  • Small Light Box x6

Each graphic highlighted the individual products selling points, pack shots, messaging and benefits to patients.

We regularly work with the team at Lesniak Swann on a variety of materials often with very different target audiences ranging from ophthalmologists to consumers. They are very responsive and offer creative solutions with an understanding of our brands and our target audiences and therefore the messages needed. We can be quite demanding on timelines occasionally, the team are always very responsive in providing quotes and working to our deadlines.

Deborah Hunt | Product Manager - Consumer | Thea Pharmaceuticals

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