The Challenge

Stoke like many FE colleges, spend considerable amounts of their marketing budget on printed collateral, but could this investment work harder integrating a digital strategy? A printed prospectus is important and expected (especially by influencers) in the ‘consideration’ part of a prospective student’s choice of FE college. However, the college’s website is more up to date and contains much more detail, especially on specific course information. Stoke wanted to know if there a way that these two mediums could work together to enhance the prospective student’s college choice. Course leaders also needed a way to print and distribute course content specific to their needs.



The solution

Lesniak Swann developed the PDF builder which allows the course information on Stoke College’s website to be curated and printed by the user. By only printing the information that was relevant to the prospective student or staff member the college could ensure that 100% of the information was relevant thus eliminating wastage. Templates were tailored to ensure any literature was consistent with the college’s brand guidelines. Rich data capture was stored upfront and insight on which courses were proving to be popular (‘Hair and Beauty’ for instance or just ‘Beauty’?) could be gleaned to allow for more data driven forecasting and resourcing.

The Results

The ‘Build your own prospectus’ button, in less than six months after being installed on the website has seen 46% more unique users than the ‘download our prospectus’ button. Up to date data now enters the CRM system at first touch, allowing a dialogue between prospective student and the college to happen straight away.

Mark Whittaker, Director of Marketing & Admissions at Stoke College said:

“Even at this early stage we can see that the PDF Builder is going to be an incredibly useful resource for not only our prospective students but also our staff for several very important reasons. We shall be looking at the data generated by this tool with interest and ensuring we harness the data on course interest for our course resourcing. We shall also be reviewing the usage of the tool and reviewing our printed prospectus requirements accordingly.”