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Key Result

Significant Increase In Volunteers

Volunteer lead generation

Introduction and brief

Samaritans wanted a lead generation campaign to increase volunteer numbers in their call centres. They are a national charity offering support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide.

Recent newspaper campaigns had not delivered the required numbers of leads (applications to be a volunteer). Lesniak Swann put together plans for a combined paid search and Facebook ads campaign to increase applications.

Details of the activity, including approach, are given below. We have supplied results and a client testimonial further on.

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Activity Launched

lead generation ads testing

Facebook ads

Targeting options on Facebook made it an ideal platform to advertise on to generate awareness. Various audiences were identified:

  • Individuals that were retired
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • School-leavers / interested in work experience
  • Empty nesters
  • Over 50.

The audiences were combined with radius targeting around local Samaritans branches where there were shortages of call centre volunteers. To begin with, all of the audience groups were targeted at each location, and we collected data around ‘volunteer form’ submissions in every instance.

As we gathered enough data, budget was distributed to the best performing audience segments, and reduced to the worst performing ones.

Further testing was done in the form of creative. Different creative concepts were tested on Facebook using Facebook’s ‘split test’ campaign format. A concept designed by Lesniak Swann (the silhouette version) outperformed the legacy Samaritans concept.

Google paid search ads

We conducted research to identify Google search terms related to volunteer opportunities, work experience, and more. We produced a list of keywords, and targeted both exact and broad match modified match types. This approach allowed us to have on-going keyword research, whilst minimising cost per click.

As with Facebook, ads were targeted in areas identified as having a shortage of call centre volunteers. The account was broken out by branch, because Samaritans have separate landing pages for different local centres branches. We were therefore able to serve ads that mentioned the local area. Through serving ads with a local message, and a local landing page, we delivered an engaging user journey.

Throughout the management of the campaign, attention was given to different data segments. We monitored performance by keyword, match type, location, device type, age bracket and gender. Bids were adjusted against each segment.

Further attention was given to search query reports. From this we identified new exact match keywords, and negative keywords.

lead generation ppc
lead generation ppc user journey
lead generation data collection


  • Client reported a substantial increase in volunteer numbers
  • 92,000 people reached through Facebook
  • 1,400 clicks to site through Facebook
  • Average position 1.1 for Google search text ads
  • 4,000 ad impressions in Google search
  • 278 clicks through Google search
  • 6.3% click through rate in Google search
  • 75% impression share in Google search.

User journey planning, ad testing, and

data collection were used to deliver

exceptional results 


Lesniak Swann guided us on our first foray into digital marketing with patience, and understanding of our needs, and of our means, to produce results beyond our hopes.

Lesley Brown, Samaritans

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