RNN Group

A new identity has given Rotherham College of Arts and Technology and North Nottinghamshire College a strong foundation to build on.

In February 2016, the two colleges came together to combine their strengths, offering increased educational and training opportunities to school leavers, higher education students and adult learners.

To complete the merger, the two colleges decided to form a new group identity to strengthen their position. Having seen education marketing specialists Lesniak Swann’s previous work for other Further Education clients, Rotherham and Nottingham College approached the Midlands-based agency to help them create a new group identity.

Starting in November 2015,We worked to create a brand identity that would represent the vision and purpose of the newly formed group, and be present across a number of channels, whilst still retaining an element of the individual identities of each college.

As the new RNN Group is an umbrella organisation with a diverse audience, it was essential that the new brand identity had both a corporate feel, promoting the Group as professional and effective to all industry sectors, whilst still feeling friendly and approachable to students.

The new brand identity needed to be used across several channels, including the website, prospectus, stationery and signage at several sites. The Group also wanted to develop a robust set of brand identity guidelines, to help their members use the new identity with confidence.

We chose to create a modular identity that could be used in several ways, bringing together some of the key elements from the individual colleges to create an overarching group identity. Geometric shapes align to create a visual identity for the RNN group, with each shape having the flexibility to be used separately to represent an individual college.


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