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Key Result

Online Revenue Up 52%

Retail Paid Search and Social for Wing Yip

Wing Yip are a leading UK oriental grocer, supplying authentic ingredients to the UK’s Chinese and Asian restaurants, chefs and food enthusiasts.

They identified three needs

  1. Increase awareness of, and traffic to the online store
  2. Increase online revenue
  3. Increase footfall to the four physical, local stores

Challenge Identified

The main challenge identified was ensuring that messaging was relevant to each user, particularly through retail paid search. There were three considerations in defining each user…

  • User intent – A user searching in Google for Chinese supermarket may be looking specifically for a physical Chinese supermarket rather than an online Chinese supermarket.
  • User location – some users would be located in suitable proximity of a physical store, and others not. It was important to only promote physical stores to those in close proximity.
  • Store opening hours / time of day – a user searching for a place to buy woks, will not be able to purchase from a physical store if it is closed. They may however be willing to buy online, or wait until a local store opens. This needs consideration.
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The Activity

We ran four sets of activity. Details are given below, and the results given at the end.

Google Search PPC Text Ads

We served ads to users searching for brand terms (such as Wing Yip online), generic terms (such as Chinese supermarket) and product terms (such as Japanese sushi rice).

The activity was carefully separated to serve relevant messages to each user based on micro-moments. Micro-moments are the precise set of circumstances in which a users searches online. For instance, a user will search in a certain place, at a certain time, with a specific intent.

Other strategic tools were used to meet the objectives. Namely, we included dynamic search ads in the approach to ensure we covered off the full product-base. Relevant ad extensions were used, including rarely seen Google Lab’s image extensions, as demonstrated in the below example.

Google Shopping Ads

For Wing Yip, we set up a Magento product feed to serve shopping ads. These fitted the objective for online store awareness by serving Wing Yip products when consumers searched. They allowed us to maximise visibility in search engine results pages and were eligible to appear alongside text ads.

We set live the full-product range, but broke it down by price, and this allowed us to maximise returns. We wanted to get as many high-quality clicks to the website as possible . By collecting data against different product price brackets, we could understand which products were most likely to lead to online transactions, and spend more on increasing the presence of products in the best-performing price brackets.

google shopping ads example


retail remarketing example
Still from remarketing GIFs produced for Wing yip

Because the shopper frequency cycle in the purchase of groceries is high, it was important to include remarketing in the media plan.

Remarketing requires a company to store lists of site visitors, and details of their visits. These lists then allow the users to be targeted with the ads.

Lists of recent transacting customers, customers who transacted over 30 days ago, and non-transacting customers were created. These lists were then added to search marketing campaigns (RLSA), and also as target audiences for display adverts.

These are examples of stills from GIFs used as creative for remarketing.

Snapchat Geofilters and In-store Shelf Wobblers

Snapchat Geofilters were used as a way to promote the Wing Yip brand through user-generated content. Geofilters were set live at the location of the four stores, and shelf-wobblers were used in-store to encourage users to get Snapping whilst they shopped.

Shelf wobblers (pictured, right) were designed and produced by Lesniak Swann and displayed around the four physical supermarkets. Shelf-wobblers are used in retail as a printed promotional tool.

By using shelf-wobblers to promote the Snapchat geofilters, we were able to connect offline and online marketing channels.

Snapchat geofilters are designs that can be overlayed on Snaps that Snapchat users share with friends. They are only available within a geofenced area. The process involves a user taking a selfie, or photograph and then swiping left to view available filters. which are laid over the top of their photograph.

We used geofilters for Wing Yip as a means of peer-to-peer brand promotion. In-store shoppers who shared photos of themselves with the geofilters were essentially brand ambassadors.

The creative used for the geofilters was kept fresh and relevant throughout the year. The creative used was intended to be fun, and was used to tie in to events or festivals such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Fun elements of the creative were carried through to the online store. The messaging Winner, Winner Wing Yip Dinner , thought-up by Lesniak Swann has also been used in homepage banners.

Some examples are pictured.

The Results

  • 200,000 ads served where the main objective of in-store traffic from consumers
  • 21% of clicks on local search ads results in a store visit from consumers
  • Online revenue up 52% year on year
  • Online transactions up 23% year on year
  • 28% year on year increase in the number of new users to the online store
  • 2,584 shares of geofilters through Snapchat, giving a share rate of 12%
  • 125k earned impressions through Snapchat Geofilters

Lesniak Swann are a great agency to work with and feel like part of our Wing Yip family. They work tirelessly to provide us with the best results and will consistently go above and beyond what we've asked for. With a very knowledgeable team they constantly come up with solutions to help improve what we're doing. We would highly recommend working with them for your PPC campaign.

Emma Lim | Wing Yip

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