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Pylon, based in Florida, design and develop Michelin Wiper Blades. We began working with them when we realised that there was a need for a dedicated microsite to support the launch of a digital campaign in the US.

We created a microsite, as part of the Michelin site, to showcase the range of Wiper Blades available to buy in the US. Consumers cannot buy directly from Michelin so users needed to be able to navigate directly to a website where they could buy online or get directions easily to their closest retailer. Minimising the steps the consumer needs to take and breaking down the barriers to purchase was front of mind throughout the project.

The Features

We integrated a vehicle and retailer look up to help close the loop between Michelin and their approved distributors.

By entering the make, model, year of manufacture the look up feature gave consumers the size required for each blade. The consumers were then presented with the features and benefits of each product, helping them to make their decision.

Once the consumer decides on the product they would like to purchase they have two options: buy online directly from the retailer or they can enter their location (city or postcode) and the closest retailers are signposted using Google Maps.

Teaming up with retailers

Retails are engaged with their own specific landing pages.

Walmart and Costco have exclusive products available in their stores. Together with Pylon, we developed a retailer specific landing page that could be promoted on the product packaging and instore. These pages include the look up feature, how to videos and a where to buy section which featured a map that only showed the retailer’s stores.

Global success

Following the successful implementation of the USA specific microsite, we saw the need to roll it out globally and now have specific pages in the following countries:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • South America
  • Australia
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

The list will continue to grow over the next 12 months as Pylon and Michelin expand their product offering globally.

POS Support

Historically application guides for wiper blades have been printed and attached to POS within retail stores. We can now provide QR codes to direct customers directly to a landing page which allows them to:

  • Find the correct size wiper blade for their vehicle
  • View install/removal videos
  • Contact customer services with product queries

This has improved the in-store experience for customers and made the process of finding the right wiper blade much smoother.

We have been very impressed with the campaign to date. The microsite allows us focus our attention on a specific product whilst also exposing a highly engaged digital audience to our wider product portfolio.”

Calum Hassall | Global Digital Communications Brand Manager | Michelin Lifestyle

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