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Over £1 million in specifications in the first 12 weeks

DAVE the fan

A B2B marketing campaign for Nuaire’s new product range DAVE to create a massive amount of interest in the HVAC industry.

The work

DAVE – Dynamic Attenuated Ventilation EC technology, DAVE is Nuaire’s new range of single extract and supply fans. From December – April, we ran a teaser campaign to create a massive amount of interest in the (HVAC) industry, and ensured DAVE received plenty of attention before his debut.

The challenge

We’ve worked with Nuaire for several years, creating integrated marketing campaigns, product literature and promotional/POS items. Nuaire is the UK market leader in energy-efficient domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions.

The audience

There are two main audiences for single fans within the HVAC industry: consulting engineers who specify the product and contracting engineers who buy the product.

Consulting engineers are very technical, ranging from older engineers who love printed brochures and dislike digital, through to younger engineers who are very digitally savvy. Consulting engineers are heavily motivated by the technical product features such as performance, styling and environmental factors.

Contracting engineers often buy on cost, and are more driven by reliability and ease of use, to reduce their time on site. They have a reputation for having more of a sense of humour.

Media used

Each phase of the campaign had a series of targeted emails, along with press adverts in H&V News, digital advertising on H&V News website, remarketing, sales events, and promotional items given to customers. The first phase of the campaign offered the chance to win an iPad, whilst the third phase offered the chance to win a golf/experience day with DAVE.

This mix ensured that we appealed to the target audience; consultants and contractors, lovers of print and digital, those motivated by product features and by installation benefits. Giveaways helped to ensure high numbers of pre-registrations before anyone knew what DAVE was.

By having the first and second phases unbranded, we were also able to increase Nuaire’s reach within their target market to those who have other brand affinities.

The creative concept

The market is saturated with traditional, boring marketing. To create intrigue and interest, we began with the idea of expanding the personification of the product; turning DAVE into a character we could create a story about. With the product due to be “released” in April 2015, we set about creating a teaser campaign that would focus on the “release” of DAVE, and create interest in the new product launch.

Phase 1

The initial teaser campaign started in December 2014, and Nuaire went with our bold suggestion to use an unbranded teaser that simply referred to DAVE being released; no mention was made of Nuaire, and it was purposely not clear who or what DAVE was. Adverts were placed in HVAC press and online, and emails to Nuaire’s database (sent from a non-Nuaire email account) announced that DAVE was being released in the New Year. Both print and digital ads pointed to a dedicated microsite, which asked visitors to “Join our campaign to get DAVE released” and offered them the chance to win an ipad if they joined.

Phase 2

Following this initial part of the teaser, ads were placed in the HVAC industry press and online, which expanded the campaign, and explained the features and benefits of DAVE. At this point, DAVE remained a mysterious character – no link with Nuaire was made and it wasn’t revealed who or what DAVE was. These ads made light-hearted references to DAVE’s performance, including statements like:
DAVE is: single, quiet, slim, flexible, easy to mount, good in the kitchen, easy to control, smart with a great IQ.

Again, the ads pointed to and invited visitors to join the campaign to release DAVE. This part of the campaign started in February and lasted for 3 weeks.

Phase 3

The third part of the campaign involved linking DAVE with Nuaire, but still not revealing exactly who or what DAVE was. For this final phase before the launch, we placed ads in HVAC industry media and online, took over the H&V News website for 2 weeks, wrote advertorials featuring DAVE as the author, sent emails to Nuaire’s database and coordinated with Nuaire’s sales team to produce literature for events their Sales teams were holding to promote the launch of DAVE.


Finally, on April 1st 2015, Nuaire launched DAVE, and finally revealed that DAVE was a fan. An emailer campaign announcing that DAVE was now available to order was sent. Online and press adverts linked all of the previous ‘personality’ traits with product benefits.

A dedicated microsite was launched, which includes all of the product information, and continues the anthropmorphism of DAVE with product specific features and benefits, aligned to light-hearted characteristics such as “Dave is Flexible”, “Dave is Single” and “Dave is Quiet”.


Events with the sales teams kicked off once DAVE was revealed to be a fan. From April 1st, sales teams were out visiting contractors and exhibiting at events, taking DAVE on the road. On April 16th DAVE took part in the HVAC industry’s biggest awards, H&V awards, with a DAVE table drop, event sponsorship, and DAVE goody bags for guests.

The results

The objective of the campaign was to generate interest pre-launch, and results show the response to communications and numbers of registrations to find out more about DAVE. The 12-week post-launch sales figures show how effective the campaign has been in generating sales.

A total of 11 emailers were sent to a database of Nuaire contacts. The first 7 were deliberately unbranded and so initially we saw some drop off in subscriptions, which was expected. By the second email however, the open rate was 23.8% and the click-through rate to visit the microsite was 11.8%.

In total, the teaser campaign emails received 10663 unique opens, with 1025 clicks through to the microsite, equating to a 9.6% CTR.
The launch announcement email was opened by 18.03% of recipients, with a CTR of 9.7%.

During the campaign, from the 4053 unique visitors to the microsite, 489 registered to join the campaign to release DAVE, or to meet DAVE, representing a conversion rate of just over 12%.
The campaign has generated over £1 million in specifications in the first 12 weeks post launch. Given that the normal buying cycle in the industry is 3-12 months, this is an excellent result.

over £1 million
in specifications in the first 12 weeks.

Nominated for multiple awards

Nominated for multiple awardsNominated for multiple awards

Winning 'Best Product Launch'

Winning Winning

Lesniak Swann came up with the strong initial concept of ‘releasing DAVE’, to generate interest in a very traditional market. Nuaire worked with them through all the different stages of the campaign from brief, through the teaser phase, to the ultimate reveal and then post-launch. Working together allowed us to do all sales and marketing activity – when we gave them ideas they didn’t just fulfil the brief, they were able to develop the creative as the campaign progressed and breathe life into all the elements of the campaign.

Andy Mudie | Marketing Director | Nuaire Group

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