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Key Result

22 New Business Leads

Nuaire blown away by B2B search campaign

Intro and brief

As part of the promotional strategy for their XBC heat recovery range, Nuaire asked Lesniak Swann how they could help deliver leads to the sales team. There were two objectives:

  1. Increase the levels of traffic to the site
  2. Generate more leads (contact form submissions, brochure downloads).

B2B leads in a B2C search environment?

The campaign was to only encourage leads from the commercial market, because they wanted more B2B leads for the XBC product.

b2b paid search nuaire

B2B search research and set-up

b2b search terms research

Phase 1 – keyword research and interpretation

The majority of relevant searches were through the term ‘extractor fans’ and related queries. A relatively small proportion of searches come from users specifically looking for ‘commercial’ / ‘industrial’ products. In order to ensure we could drive a substantial uplift of traffic to the site it was important to serve ads against those generic search queries, but find ways to minimise clicks from ‘domestic’ users.

The keyword research shows search volumes for ‘exact’ terms and ‘variations’ of those terms. Because one of our objectives was to drive traffic, we targeted variations of keywords as this enabled us to ensure we didn’t waste any opportunity. By serving ads to variations of keywords, it is possible to research search terms that users may use, that hadn’t previously been thought of.

Once the keyword research was complete, it was important to establish a means of ensuring we only got clicks from those users who were conducting B2B search queries.

Phase 2 – ensuring a high quality of clicks

We implemented several means of ensuring we got clicks from the users who matched our B2B search audience.

  1. Negative keyword lists were made and these lists were applied to all campaigns. The negative keyword lists included terms such as…
    • Domestic so we didn’t show ads for people searching for domestic heat recovery units
    • Kitchen – as above
    • What are – for people researching
    • Repairs – for people looking for a repair service.
  2. Remarketing lists were applied to campaigns (RLSA). Where people had already visited industrial areas of the site we would increase the amount we were willing to spend on clicks from these people. Where people had previously visited domestic pages, we would exclude them.
  3. Ad copy was written that clearly used the words ‘industrial’ / ‘commercial’ which sits with the underlying principal that we use for all PPC campaigns (pictured). Because copy was relevant to the targeted users  (commercial), we could therefore guarantee strong brand engagement.
b2b paid search approach
b2b paid search ad
b2b paid search example
b2b search campaign structure

Phase 3 – implementing a quality account structure

Keywords targeted, and associated ads were structured in to campaigns and ad groups.

We grouped keywords firstly in to campaigns of distinct themes. In this instance, there were two key campaigns / themes identified – commercial keywords, and generic keywords. Commercial keywords were those such as ‘industrial heat recovery’, thereby targeting users who are clearly B2B users by the search term they use. These users are few and far between, which is why it is important to also target keywords that do not identify the user as ‘B2B’ or ‘domestic’ via the search term used. They were keywords such as ‘heat recovery unit’, which formed the ‘generic’ campaign.

Within each campaign, keywords were separated in to smaller groups – known as ad groups. Within each ad group we had two of each keyword but with different match types – exact match and broad match modified.

We placed similar keywords together to ensure that users always saw the most relevant ad to them, ensuring a good user journey.

Phase 4 – choosing the most suitable landing page

We used the most relevant landing page for the activity.

Because we were specifically asked to promote the XBC product (as mentioned in point 3, above), all traffic was therefore sent to the XBC product landing page (pictured).

This also helped ensure a quality user journey because the XBC product was mentioned in ad copy.

b2b paid search landing page

The results of our B2B search campaign

  • 22 leads related to the objective and product promoted (XBC product brochure downloads or contact form submissions).
  • £43 cost per lead.
  • 629 clicks to site.
  • Over 6,000 on-site link clicks (from users who landed on the site, therefore averaging over 10 per ad click).
  • Over 100 additional form submissions or PDF downloads (incremental to those specific to the XBC product).
  • 80% impression share.

The paid search project was our first venture in search marketing and the results were very encouraging. By driving the right kind of leads to our site, and ensuring the website landing page was designed to attract and convert clicks into actions, we were able to generate 22 high quality leads with a relatively small budget. The evidence of the campaign’s effectiveness is there in black and white, which has helped us convince the board that Search marketing is a cost-effective and highly-measurable tool.

Alex Gallop | Marketing Communications Manager | Nuaire

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