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WEX Europe Services (WES) are a relatively new entity in the European market. Having recently purchased the Esso Card™ European book they needed a B2B marketing campaign to promote the features and benefits of choosing the Esso Card™ over a competitor in a crowded and commoditised market place. One of the pain points identified for the target market when it came to a fuel card vendor is not just the price point but the ease of administration, customer services and support.

The challenge

WES also wanted to use the promotion of the Esso Card™ to build their own brand to key decision makers in the fleet management market place. In the UK, the market is saturated and the decision-making process is often transactional, with a mixed picture in other European markets. WES needed to target Fleet Managers, Financial Directors and other influencers in choosing a fuel card. They were also keen to target ‘Non-Drawers’ – businesses who were registered as users but were not currently using their card.

Engaging visuals for all territories

Lesniak Swann created a strong visual hook that worked across platforms, seven European territories and translated into eight different languages. ‘The Wallet’ could also be easily adapted to work across a range of channels. The B2B marketing campaign was fully integrated and was delivered through press, direct mail, PPC, re-marketing, customised landing pages and emailers.

Country specific

The visuals were adapted for each territory using a well known landmark from the country so as to resonate with the recipient, and included the particular currency from that country within the ‘smile’ on the wallet.

Our initial results research has indicated that there is a strong level of brand recall across our key markets. Our internal stakeholders, especially in the tele-sales team have really bought into the campaign.

Jo Balsamo | Head of Marketing | WEX Europe Services

Sales support

Presentations and internal marketing collateral were provided to brief the sales team on the campaign and their expected targets so tele-sales teams were fully engaged with it.

Great results

The campaign launched at the end of September and is the first phase of a rolling program of activity which will extend over the following 12 months.

The initial results indicated that there was a strong level of brand recall across the key markets and the internal stakeholders, especially in the tele-sales team, really bought into the campaign.

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