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Sales tools for on-the-go reporting

Michelin Trucks Sales Tools

Michelin Truck Tyres have a significant fleet client base and a large and active sales team who are in regular dialogue with their customers. Tyres are provided to customers on a price per kilometre basis and factors such as tyre pressure, haulage loads and fuel levels can have a big impact on how regularly tyres need to be replaced. We have created a number of sales tools to help their sales team who are out on the road.

Audit App

How could the sales teams instantly provide their customers with valuable intelligence about fleet usage which would underpin Michelin’s premium value proposition?

The auditing of an existing fleet required several steps to collect the data, run the calculations and prepare a report for a client all of which was done using Excel sheets.

The Solution

Given the mobile nature of the Michelin sales teams a solution rooted in mobility was the answer. We developed the Audit App, using a native framework on the Android platform. It provides tools for measuring tyre pressure, wear, damage and other factors that impact the life and running costs of individual trucks or fleets.

Utilising the native device functionality, it also allows the user to take photographs and log any damaged tyres. The app can run calculations across all brands of tyre, delivering an enhanced level of customer service from a Michelin representative.


The data collected within the app is processed on the spot to calculate potential savings across the entire fleet, both from a tyre management and fuel savings perspective.

A fully formatted, Michelin-branded PDF report is then delivered to tablet via Bluetooth for instant access, allowing the Michelin Truck Tyres Account Manager to quickly and easily demonstrate valuable insight to clients. Additionally, data collected can be aggregated and analysed to build a national picture of truck tyre usage across all brands centrally.

Costing App

Working out annual tyre costs for commercial fleets is not as simple as multiplying the number of tyres by the replacement cost, as different tyres will wear at different rates. This makes it difficult to easily compare different products and brands. We needed to create a tool that could efficiently calculate ‘whole of life’ cost and effectively compare different brands to demonstrate potential savings.


The process for creating a cost comparison can be tedious and time consuming. Tyre pattern and tread depths would be recorded during a visit, then various costings are calculated in spreadsheets, with reports prepared to deliver back to customers at a later visit, by which time they could be out of date.

We suggested creating a mobile app that can have fleet, vehicle and tyre information input and stored so that projections can be created, with incremental updates over time.


For the Michelin sales team, the Costing App is an easy to use tool that combines a user-friendly data input process, complex technical calculations and branded final document, all delivered on the spot to enhance the sales process.

Data is processed within the app to compare costs and potential savings from running different tyres for a single vehicle or across an entire fleet, both from a tyre management and potential fuel savings perspective. A fully formatted PDF report is then delivered to tablet via Bluetooth for instant access.

Devices also sync to the database over Wi-Fi, meaning that data is available for central reporting.


The Android App has been developed to operate on the standard devices used by Michelin teams, and is only available by invitation. It was deployed for preliminary field testing in Summer 2017 and the final version was released to the wider Michelin team in the Autumn.

We have worked with Lesniak Swann over the past few years to modernise and digitalise some of the tools and processes that we have traditionally used to try and demonstrate value to our customers. With their help, we were able to build slick, user friendly and professional tools that not only continued to show the benefit of fitting Michelin tyres, but also sped up the process for our account managers, whilst reducing waste and duplication. It was also a gateway into the digital world for our customers to embrace this new digitalised era and Lesniak Swann helped us achieve these objectives very successfully.

Matt Childs | Marketing Manager - UK & ROI | Michelin

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