A site within a site

Michelin Lifestyle is part of the Michelin Group, and is responsible for the Michelin automotive accessories and footwear range. Consumers globally can research a whole range of Michelin branded products and are then directed to approved retailers where their purchase can be completed, on or offline.

Michelin’s Wiper Blades are a core product, so the decision was taken to create a dedicated micro-site for the blades and support the launch of a digital media campaign.

Consumers cannot buy directly from Michelin Lifestyle, so people needed to be able to navigate or get directions easily to their closest retailer. Minimising the steps the consumer needs to take and breaking down the barriers to purchase was front of mind when we created the microsite. Lesniak Swann integrated a vehicle and retailer look up to help close the loop between Michelin and their approved distributors.

By entering the make, model, year of manufacture and their location (city or postcode) consumers are directed to where they can buy the correct product for their car and retailers are signposted using Google Maps.

Launched at the end of January, the programme has been extremely successful. Page views to the site have increased nearly 600% in one month. The programme is currently running in the US, but the plan is now to roll it out to other territories including China, the UK and Australia.

The microsite allows Michelin to put everything they need in one place to determine the success of the campaign and for tweaks to the campaign to be made whilst ‘in flight’ that will make it a greater success.

We have already seen some impressive results:

  • Following the launch of the new landing page and start of the campaign, page views increased to 40,119 in Feb 2017 compared to 5,827 in Jan 2017.
  • From March 1st to March 22nd the landing page has received 59,947 page views, so the figure is increasing month on month.
  • Mobile users have increased by 61.02% since February 1st, this highlights the importance of a mobile responsive product look up.
  • Sessions from the United States has increased. In January we had 13,068 sessions. Since the launch of the new landing page, we have seen 72,569 sessions in the States.

“We have been very impressed with the campaign to date. The new website experience allows us drive traffic to a bespoke area for visitors to easily shop for the perfect Michelin wiper blade for their vehicle”

Calum Hassall
Calum Hassall, Global Digital Communications Manager for Brand Licensing