Delivering the Rolex Experience

The challenge:

Rolex is the most iconic watchmaking brand in the world. Unsurprisingly, given the luxury nature of the products, Rolex are protective about how their brand is used and interpreted across all channels. Historically, Rolex only permitted online distributors to use a limited number of digital assets for promotional purposes. In late 2016, as part of a shift in its online product promotion strategy, the decision was made to allow distributors to have more flexibility in how the Rolex brand could be used online. Individual products could now be displayed but there would still be a rigorous brand policing policy.

John Pass is a high-end Jewellers with two physical stores and has been established for over 60 years. They are the exclusive distributor of Rolex in the area and have been since 1970.

How could John Pass use the change in Rolex’s online promotional strategy to drive customers in-store, amplify the personal, exclusive service delivered by their dedicated team of experts in-store?

The solution:

Lesniak Swann worked in tandem with John Pass’s specialist jewellery copy-writer, to take the concept of the ‘Rolex Room’ and make it ‘live’ on their website.  Using high impact photography provided by Rolex, John Pass can now use specific products as the entry point to the ‘Rolex Room’ experience on their website.

‘Enquiry’ buttons are positioned at strategic points on the product pages to maximise conversion and contact forms are pre-filled based on the specific model chosen by the user. The data captured from the user online now alerts staff to which specific model of Rolex is of interest and allows the user to arrange an appointment in-store.

Despite the enhanced product information on the site, buying a Rolex from John Pass remains a highly personal and exclusive experience. The Rolex section of the John Pass website now introduces the team, their extensive experience and the high levels of product knowledge that wait for a customer in-store.

The Results:

Andrew Pass said:

“We briefed Lesniak Swann on this project in late October. Due to their keen understanding of the brief and knowledge of working with manufacturers with a strict adherence to brand guidelines the work was turned around by mid-December. We’re extremely happy with their level of service and their keen eye for detail.”