A VR tour for Nuaire: Think inside the Boxer

A Lesniak Swann client for almost seven years, Nuaire is the UK market leader in domestic and commercial air handling solutions – and is renowned for the highest levels of innovation. With the imminent launch of Nuaire’s brand new range of ‘Boxer Packaged Solutions’ (BPS) commercial air handling units, the company asked us to create … Continued

WannaCry Ransomware

You may be aware of news hitting the headlines last week about the ‘WannaCry Ransomware’ cyber-attack which affected computer systems across the globe, causing chaos in organisations such as the National Health Service. WannaCry Ransomware has been locking down files on computers running Microsoft Windows by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated software. Hackers then … Continued

Artificial Intelligence — a way to save and make money in B2B?

Artificial Intelligence has been in the news a lot recently and there seems to be an inexorable rise of the machines touching all aspects of life and society, from the weekly shop to marketing technology. For B2B marketers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be used to generate more prospects, which lead to more conversations and ultimately … Continued



Connecting licensees, retailers and customers around the world in their own language.

Connecting licensees and employees around the world

Having worked with Lesniak Swann for several years, Michelin Lifestyle took the decision to build a global Extranet to improve communications amongst their internal audiences and share best practice across the organisation. The Extranet has been built on a user-friendly WordPress framework, using modern methodologies based around the Roots.io Trellis platform to bring it up … Continued

Hyundai and Click to Buy – The Death of a Salesman?

Earlier this month Hyundai launched their ‘Click to Buy’ service, potential customers can buy a new car without having to visit a showroom, speak to a salesman or even leave their house. In May, last year, we explored how some manufacturers were seeking to build a direct relationship with their audience and the reasons why. … Continued



An integrated launch campaign for Nuaire’s new product range – DAVE.

Is your site speed negatively effecting your SEO?

site speed

Is not getting the basics right harming your SEO? Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can mean the difference between a site that gets results and one that does not. However, many organisations receive conflicting advice about what contributes to higher natural (or organic) search listings. How can an organisation improve their SEO? Using backlinks, infographics, … Continued

Hideaway Studios Group Website

Hideaway Studios Group are specialists in time-lapse films, aerial and high-speed photography, and video and film production. With an impressive client-list and a global reach, the Group wanted to improve their online presence, to reflect their expertise and showcase their outstanding film production work. Lesniak Swann were commissioned to create a website that would demonstrate … Continued

Aligning marketing messages

If most marketing communications revolve around delivering a unique product or service benefit to the audience, what do you do when you have multiple audiences, interested in different benefits? How can a brand align marketing messages? In our experience in the construction industry, communicating to an architect is a very different task than talking to … Continued

Lesniak Swann shines the spotlight on Michelin Lifestyle showroom

We’ve worked with Michelin Lifestyle Ltd (MLL) for over 10 years, helping to promote their range of lifestyle accessories and tyre-related equipment. Their licensee model develops and distributes Michelin Branded items in several territories globally, including automotive accessories, heritage items and footwear. With such a variety of products available in various parts of the world, … Continued

Disintermediation without disenchantment

Many manufacturers are reliant on distributors to sell their products, as they hold the relationship with the end customer. However, distributors take a significant amount of margin, often up to 50%. Building a direct relationship between manufacturer and end-customer can be tricky without upsetting the distributor, and there are various ways of establishing a connection. … Continued

Google removes right-hand side ads – what does this mean for you?

On 22nd February Google finalised their roll-out of the removal of right-hand side ads from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Following the move, ads now only show at the top and bottom of the results page, and in some instances, this will lead to more ads being shown at the top, pushing down organic results. … Continued

Why B2B websites should follow an eCommerce structure

B2B website design and the eCommerce customer journey B2B websites based on an eCommerce structure, even those that aren’t selling anything online, have been shown to be more effective in increasing customer engagement and enquiries. We’ve worked with many B2B clients to design websites that are not intended to sell their products or services online. … Continued

Cheetah app for Nuaire shows speedy energy savings

Nuaire, the UK market leaders in energy-efficient domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions have worked with Lesniak Swann to develop their own web-based application. The Nuaire Cheetah app allows their sales reps to quickly work out the energy savings clients will make using Nuaire’s Cheetah control system. The Cheetah control system is used with Nuaire’s … Continued

Cream Awards Win 2015

Lesniak Swann has scooped a top prize at The Cream Awards 2015. Staffordshire’s leading integrated communications agency has scooped a top prize at The Cream Awards. Celebrating the best in advertising in the Midlands region, the Cream Awards ceremony took place at The Jam House in Birmingham on 11th November. Lesniak Swann, based in Stoke-on-Trent, … Continued

International B2B Marketing Awards win for Lesniak Swann

Lesniak Swann is celebrating after winning at The B2B Marketing Awards 2015 Staffordshire’s leading integrated communications agency, Lesniak Swann, has scooped a top prize at The B2B Marketing Awards. Now in its 11th year, the awards ceremony took place in London on 19th November, with Lesniak Swann winning Best Product Launch Campaign with their B2B … Continued

Lesniak Swann is shortlisted for six prestigious industry awards

We’re celebrating six award nominations for our product launch campaign for Nuaire’s new range of single extract and supply fans. We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for six prestigious marketing industry awards for a business-to-business product launch campaign we did for Nuaire’s new range of single extract and supply fans. Nuaire is the UK market … Continued

Refreshed branding and website for Waterfit

Refreshed branding and website reflect Waterfit’s unrivalled innovation. Waterfit Limited, a leading UK based manufacturer of innovative gunmetal and plastic water industry fittings, has introduced fresh corporate branding and a new website. Established in 1951, Waterfit is a member of the Thomas Dudley Group of companies. Following a sustained period of investment that has seen … Continued

Lesniak Swann Account Managers celebrate PRINCE2 certification

Two of our Account Managers are celebrating, after having recently received their PRINCE2 Practitioner qualifications. After completing the Foundation course, the Account Managers passed their Practitioner exams with flying colours. Account Managers have been aligning PRINCE2 strategies with existing project management methods, and have already seen the benefits. Jo Holdcroft, Account Manager at Lesniak Swann … Continued

Lesniak Swann delivers the perfect package for Dudley plumbing products

Midlands manufacturing company Thomas Dudley has launched a new line of packaging, designed to promote their quality Dudley plumbing products to the wider retail and trade market. Lesniak Swann, Staffordshire’s leading integrated communications agency, was tasked with revisiting all of the packaging to align brand elements, bringing the Dudley brand to the fore and positioning … Continued