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We cut through a complex digital environment to deliver results.

Lesniak Swann Digital Marketing
PPC Agency Strategy

Search Strategy

As a PPC agency we believe a sound strategy is vital.

The first step of any campaign is to establish what success looks like, be that online sales, contact form submissions or the phone ringing off the hook.

We then need to build the campaign starting with the right keywords, compelling ads and choose relevant, very sticky, landing pages.

PPC Agency Strategy

It’s not about sitting down and getting comfy.

PPC or search marketing has changed a lot over the years (In fact it’s changed a decent amount in the last few months)

We stay ahead of the game in Pay-per-click by keeping in touch with the latest advertising features such as price extensions, image extensions and remarketing lists for PPC ads. Gone are the days where simply setting up ads and keywords will get you in to the top spots. Every company in a given industry will be competing for those same spots.

We use our knowledge of paid search to cut out the low quality clicks, and bring better converting to your site.

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Full Reporting

When we write reports to our clients, we believe in giving useful findings. This means tangible actions that will produce improvements in performance.

As well as Google Analytics, we also have experience using other platforms. By working with data, we make our performance digital campaigns work harder, and give advice to clients on how to improve site performance.

Having good quality data and great analysis is really important. We check the performance of any website before, during and after campaigns. Things we look at are device split, landing page performance, on-site actions, traffic flows and more.

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Google Partner PPC agency
Google Partner PPC agency

Friends with benefits

We are a Google Partner agency, and can be found listed on Google’s Partner site. Our team is certified in all areas of the Google certification scheme.

We have experience in setting up and managing ads in a variety of industries. We share learnings between advertisers to ensure all of our clients ads stay well ahead of the game.

Good fees for pay per click

% Fees – What’s that about?

We don’t charge a % of spend based fee.

Instead, we charge for the time we use on the account. That way there is no reason for us to advise an increase in the budget unless we know we can get results for you rather than for our pocket.

Good fees for pay per click

Our Experience


A fast-fashion retailer with heavy competition, Missguided required digital marketing campaigns that could deliver web traffic growth, without sacrificing return on investment. Paid social media ads, plus Google and Bing PPC ads were used, and Marin Software introduced to optimise campaign performance. Annual budgets exceeded £2 million. Facebook and Twitter ads saw a consistent return on investment of better than £15 revenue for £1 media spend. PPC ads covered the entire product base using text ads and Shopping ads, and helped deliver over 100% business growth YoY.

Woolworths Supermarkets Group

Australia’s largest organisation, with brands including Woolworths Supermarket, BWS (liquor merchants) and BIG W (for homeware and clothing). For Woolworths Supermarket our client wanted to increase year on year new shopper growth rates, and PPC campaigns were successful in doing this. Campaigns for BWS and Big W made use of display prospecting, retargeting and PPC campaigns to increase online brand presence and traffic. For BWS, digital marketing was used to support OOH, TV and driving customers to use a new Click and Collect proposition.

Wing Yip

Wing Yip are a leading UK oriental grocer, sourcing and supplying authentic ingredients to the UK. They asked us to used digital marketing to increase traffic to the online store, online revenue, and footfall to physical stores. Google PPC text ads, Shopping ads, remarketing and Snapchat geofilters were combined to meet the objectives. In the initial campaign, online revenue increased 52% year on year, online transactions 23% year on year, and thousands of consumers visited a physical store after clicking an online ad.

Manchester Airports Group

With a substantial share of airport revenue coming from car park and retail, digital was key to the success of the group’s airports. Pay per click and affiliate marketing activity was used to car park booking sales across the airports – including Manchester and Stansted – with annual budgets exceeding £4.5 million. User testing, and dual-bidding strategies were used to deliver revenue growth that exceeded year on year passenger growth. Analytics tracking and online forecasting models were used to support the introduction of a retail Click and Collect initiative.


Surfdome.com are a lifestyle retailer, selling hardware such as surf and skateboards, as well as fashion from brands such as Billabong and Roxy. With no physical stores it was paramount to establish a strong presence in the digital space through Google PPC text ads. Using a combined tag management and bid optimisation platform – DC Storm – investment was focussed in the right areas to deliver traffic and return on investment growth at the same time.


Our client wanted to increase volunteers for their support helpline. Ads were targeted in areas of geographical importance i.e. where the number of volunteers fell short of targets. On Facebook, this was refined to target groups more likely to commit to volunteering such as the retired, and those with an interest in charity work. AB testing was carried through all activity to establish the best creative, and the results of this testing shared with the client so the creative could be carried through to offline. With just a month of launching awareness ads on Facebook and Google, our client advised us that there had been a substantial increase in the number of high quality volunteer applications.

Stoke on Trent College

With a range of mainly vocational courses for 16-18 year olds, and adults, plus Higher Education courses, we needed to reach various audiences. Paid search, Instagram and Facebook were combined with remarketing. Ad creative on each channel was tailored to the target audience e.g. under 18, adults and parents. This approach was hugely successful. The activity resulted in 18million ads served in the local catchment area, 9,580 clicks to site and 1,038 key on-site leads such as enrolments.

How we work

Lesniak Swann Digital Marketing

Three methods we follow to help us build and manage successful search campaigns.


Embed a test and learn approach within all activity.

We do lots of testing so better results are delivered quickly.

This diagram shows how at the start of campaigns it is best to begin with a large amount of test activity (in grey). This approach that we can spend every pound as well as possible. In particular, there should be a deeper focus on testing in month one. By doing this, we quickly build a knowledge-bank of the best performing areas which increases the activity considered ‘business as usual’ / ‘always on’ (in red).

Even for SEM activity where we have a lot of learnings and data, we see testing as an on-going process. This is because user behaviour, client-focus, and industries change. We always maintain a small percentage of media spend devoted to testing to produce on-going success.

A test approach to search ads
A test approach to search ads
Lesniak Swann PPC Search
Paid search strategy


Gather all the data we need.

Only the best digital marketing agencies pay attention to every fine detail. We are one of them. We are focused on ensuring we acquire every piece of relevant data possible from your campaign.

In doing so, we spend time optimising activity to squeeze the best returns from media spend.

Paid search strategy
Lesniak Swann PPC Search


Set achievable KPIs for all digital activity and work towards them.

Implementing the style of optimisation represented in this diagram will allow us to gradually improve results.

As a digital agency, we can also control spend. We direct it to areas that are exceeding the target.

should you continue with PPC
should you continue with PPC

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