Zeplin – Revolutionise your web development process

A new tool in the world of web development has just entered the market and we think it is set to revolutionise how websites are designed and created. It’s called Zeplin; our design and development team has just started using it and it’s set to seriously streamline how we work.

What is Zeplin

In a nutshell, Zeplin – https://zeplin.io/ is a piece of software that allows the easy collaboration between UI (User Interface or ‘front end’ designers) and web developers (the people who write the code). Zeplin allows a developer to take a design and re-create it ‘pixel perfect’ for deployment on the web.

Why it’s useful

The old process of web development could often go something like this: A designer creates a series of designs in a software package such as Photoshop or InDesign. The web designer would then take the files and recreate those designs (also by using a piece of design software) to create the HTML and CSS which then, in turn, creates the web page.

The problem it solves

 The problem with the ‘old’ process is the bit about recreation. Sometimes designs could get ‘lost in translation’ and a web developer could end up ‘correcting’ the work of the designer. It also enables a CSS Class such as font weight, font size and line height. Prior to this, a web designer would sometimes have to sit with a ruler and measure the spaces between lines on a screen which is a tedious process, to say the least.

How we intend to use it

The UI designer will need to produce all their work in Sketch (https://www.sketchapp.com/) or Photoshop but the benefits it will bring in terms of expediting the process and minimising discrepancies between web design and development are manifold.  Zeplin is a tool that helps us to ensure the designs, created by our studio are always the designs signed off by the client, down to the last millimetre and pixel. We’ve always taken a belt and braces approach here at Lesniak Swann — Zeplin helps us with this.

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