Cheetah app for Nuaire shows speedy energy savings

Nuaire, the UK market leaders in energy-efficient domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions have worked with Lesniak Swann to develop their own web-based application.

The Nuaire Cheetah app allows their sales reps to quickly work out the energy savings clients will make using Nuaire’s Cheetah control system. The Cheetah control system is used with Nuaire’s commercial kitchen supply and extract fans, and saves energy by controlling the fans in line with demand, with typical energy savings of up to 80% achieved. Energy efficient demand control ventilation maintains comfort and indoor air quality by varying the speed of the exhaust and supply fans based on the space and cooking activity.

By inputting a series of figures, such as fuel costs and daily operating hours, the Cheetah app calculates the projected energy savings for individual clients, and sales reps are able to instantly show clients how much energy they can save by using the Cheetah control system. The app can also create a PDF report that can be emailed to the client, and links to a central system that registers how many reports are being generated.

The Cheetah control system and the Cheetah app has enabled the sales reps to demonstrate tangible results, allowing the consulting engineer to include the selection within their project schedule.

Caroline Radcliffe, Commercial Product Manager at Nuaire commented: “We’ve worked with Lesniak Swann for over 4 years, developing strategic solutions that help us towards our business goals. At Nuaire we offer more than just the leading fans on the market. We offer a complete ventilation solution for commercial kitchens. The Cheetah control system is an innovative energy saving product, and being able to instantly demonstrate these savings to clients reflects our forward-thinking, responsive approach. Clients have been amazed at how much energy they could save and the customer response has been fantastic; our project quotation bank is now up to £1.4million since its launch in May.”

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