A new website for Walsall Adult and Community College

Traditionally seen as a provider of supported learning, Walsall Adult and Community College (WACC) came to Lesniak Swann for a fresh, vibrant new website. A college website that would appeal primarily to ‘mainstream’ 16- to 19-year-olds, as well as attract the attention of learners up to the age of 30 and local employers.

Strong sense of togetherness

Offering entry-level courses, all the way up to level 4 qualifications, a key objective of WACC was to be seen as a much more general college, with a specialism in supported learning. Not wishing to lose sight of its well-established community ties, the college also wanted its new website to present a strong sense of togetherness.

Appealing and straightforward

With a wide student base in mind, Lesniak Swann came up with an attractive, easy-to-navigate website design to make discovering the college’s extensive range of courses appealing and straightforward.

Easy to update

Built on the user-friendly WordPress platform, the finished college website uses a ‘Bedrock’ framework for faster page loading and enhanced security. WACC can easily upload content whenever it’s required, with the flexibility of WordPress making it simple to keep visitors up-to-date with college news, course information, events and more.

New online application form

WACC’s new website also provides the opportunity to adapt as their needs change. For example, there’s already talk of creating an online shop to boost fundraising. But, perhaps most important of all, potential students can now apply to study by using an online application form – a feature that wasn’t available before.

Fresh, engaging and informative

“We were so very pleased to have been asked to design and build Walsall Adult and Community College’s new website,” says Lesniak Swann managing director, Alex Swann. “Our solution is fresh, engaging and informative. It’s also clearly catching the attention of the local community.”

Visit the Walsall Adult and Community College website

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