A digital marketing agency that makes the complex, simple.

Long term strategy resulted in 52% online revenue increase

Lesniak Swann are a great digital marketing agency to work with and feel like part of our Wing Yip family. We would highly recommend working with them for your PPC campaign.

Emma Lim, Wing Yip

Cost per lead improved 16% in month one

We saw instant results, and after 6 months the number
of monthly leads had increased by over 500 and cost
per lead reduced 32%.

Nick Boardman, Angel Warranty

Digital marketing agency with experts in all areas

Google Certified Paid Search Professionals

Our team is certified in elements of the Google certification scheme. Many Google Partner agencies may only be specialist in one or two areas.

We have passed exams in the lot; Search, Display, Digital Sales, Mobile, YouTube and Google Analytics. What’s more, we have experience in serving, and optimising successful activity in a variety of industries, notably education, B2B, retail / ecommerce, consumers services and more.

What’s more, our Digital-team is fronted by our Head of Digital who is experienced in managing multi-million pound accounts both agency and client-side.

Paid Search Agency / PPC Agency

Pay per click marketing has come a long way over the years. Lesniak Swann stay ahead of the curve by keeping in touch with the latest advertising features such as price extensions, image extensions and remarketing lists for search ads. Gone are the days where simply setting up ads and keywords will get you in to the top positions of paid search, because every company in a given industry will be competing for those same positions. We use our extensive knowledge of paid search to cut out the inefficient clicks, and bring quality traffic to your site.

Many of our clients are fascinated by PPC. Have a read of how we do it in our 7-Steps Guide To Successful Search Engine Marketing.

Paid Social Agency

Social media advertising is becoming increasingly effective. They won’t want us to believe it, but we firmly believe some social media sites are using voice recognition to listen to what people are discussing, and populating lists of in-market users for a specific product or service using that data. The results from Facebook ads and other platforms sit well with that theory, they have improved across all industries in recent years. We employ extensive test and learn approaches to make the most of social media audience lists and ad formats.

Have a read of our case study where we combined social advertising campaigns with paid search and remarketing for Stoke-on-Trent college.

Display Retargeting and Prospecting Agency

With programmatic display and remarketing it’s all about the right message, to the right person at the right time. Oh, and bloody good creative, something we leave to our in-house creatives. It’s not just display networks; we consider platforms such as Youtube to be as much apart this area, too. Such channels require research ahead of launch to understand where your target demographic will see your message. In that sense, it’s not too dissimilar to TV advertising, but with more capabilities. Our in-house display experts can work with any third-party such as the Google Display Network or Adroll.

Analytics Agency

When we supply reports to our clients, we believe in supplying insights, by which we mean tangible actions that will produce improvements in advertising and website performance. We believe that any good digital marketing agency should be led by such data and insights.

As well as Google Analytics, we also have experience using other platforms such as Comscore, Adobe Analytics, DC Storm and Oracle. Through data and analysis, we make our performance digital campaigns work harder, and give advice to clients on how to improve elements such as landing page experience.

We believe that good quality data and analysis is essential to on-going improvement and performance marketing success. We analyse the performance of any website before, during and after campaigns. Things we look at are device split, landing page performance, on-site actions, traffic flows and attribution.

Our analysis of education-sector websites’ performance demonstrates the sort of insights we can generate.

Digital Strategy Agency

Given how important digital marketing is to nearly any business, competition for online ad placements can be intense, and benefits squeezed right down. A carefully sculpted digital marketing strategy is paramount.

As a fully integrated digital marketing agency who specialise in simplifying complex sales processes, our team is well experienced at giving our clients an edge through finding and exploiting opportunities in ways that your competitors have not considered. Whether it be through restricting targeting using complex data sets, reaching multiple target audiences with different messages, or by positioning domains strategically within search, we focus on getting strategy just right.

How we work

Three methods we follow to help us guarantee success.


Embed a test and learn approach within all activity.

Rigorous testing of new activity ensures great performance is delivered quickly. This diagram demonstrates how at the start of campaigns it is best to begin with a large amount of test activity (in grey) so that we can spend every pound as efficiently as possible for new-clients that have a limited budget. In particular, there should be an intense focus in month one. By doing this, we quickly build a knowledge-bank of the top-performing areas, thereby increasing the activity considered ‘business as usual’ / ‘always on’ (in red).

That said, our experience in digital marketing means our team already understand which channels, formats and setting work best as we already have existing-client data to lean on. With that in mind, we regularly commence new-client campaigns with learnings equivalent to 4-months of knowledge, ensuring a flying start!

Even for clients with whom we have generated a lot of learnings and data, we recognise testing to be an on-going process as user behaviour, client-focus, and industries change. We therefore maintain a small percentage of media spend devoted to testing to guarantee on-going improvements.


Gather all the data we need.

Only best digital marketing agencies may attention to all of the fine details to optimise performance for their clients, and we are one. We are focused on ensuring we acquire every piece of relevant data possible from your campaign.

In doing so, we spend time optimising activity to squeeze the best returns from media spend.


Set achievable KPIs for all digital activity and work towards them.

Implementing the style of optimisation represented in this diagram will allow us to gradually improve results.

We can also redirect spend to areas that are exceeding the target.

Starting a new project?

The team at Lesniak Swann have become an extension of our in-house marketing department.

Andrew Weston WEX Europe Services

Lesniak Swann have developed a thorough understanding of the complex nature of our international operations and the products we offer.

Michaela Burn Michelin